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The innovative and exclusive ADJUSTAkini Fitting system

Creative Bikinis is very excited to have developed and perfected the Exclusive (patent pending) ADJUSTAkini fitting system.



The 2 most common questions we are asked are
"I don't know how much weight I will loose so how much smaller should I buy my bikini?"
"how early should I purchase my bikini?"



We have now solved this problem so you can order with confidence much earlier out from your competition.
We can now recommend ordering between 8 and 12 weeks from your competition (depending on your starting point)


This free new feature to all online Creative Bikinis allows you to adjust your bikini on comp morning by up to as much as 6cm around the hips. Of course you wont need to adjust it this much on the day, but this much adjustment means you can order your bikini early and have the comfort of knowing that as your body changes your bikini will too. 
You can simply adjust the clips (hidden on the inside) at the back of the pants to the correct setting. The ADJUSTAkini fitting system is simple and easy but will really give you super confidence that your bikini will fit you perfectly on the big day.(We can't show you a picture because we want to keep it secret from our competitors as long as possible)


Our tops now also have an adjustable back strap for super easy fitting.


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