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I'm so glad you want to understand us and our brand more, Lets start with our team because they are what make Creative Bikinis great.

To start we have 2 Physical stores you can walk in a try bikinis on... Sydney and Perth 

Claire Skeet :   Owner / Designer / Stylist

Claire has been designing ever since she was a child,  every teddy, every doll and every coloring book was her learning ground.  At 16 Claire was WA'S youngest ever entry into the  Advanced Diploma in  "Textiles and Design" course.  After successfully  completing  this  she was offered a graduate position in Sydney.  Claire worked in many areas including Bridal and Couture  but her true passion was always in "Sparkles"  . Costuming Dancers, Gymnasts and Show Girls for almost 2 decades  has made Claire the consummate professional she is today. Her understanding of Fabrics, Crystal and Stage lighting  make  Claire's experience second to none in the  stage bikini arena. Claire's designs have won more awards and accolades than any other designer in her field. When you work personally with Claire Skeet you are in the very best hands.

Kiera :   Creative Designer / Bikini  Decorator

Kiera comes from a Performance / Dance background, with 2 WAPPA certificates and European  Dance experience, she joined the team in 2015. Kiera brought  an Eye for detail and  exciting and  new  visions to our creative team.


Beth :   Super star sewing machinist

Beth has been a professional Sewing machinist for over 2 decades. Her work is second to none and insures our beautiful quality in manufacturing.


Wendy : General Hand

Wendy is a general life saver , Assisting who ever needs help and always keeping the laughs going in the workshop when we most need it.


Ray : IT 

Ray is our go to  IT guy . Helping to maintain & update our website, socials and technology. 


Kara: Social Media manager

 Kara keeps you all updated and current with all our social media channels.She 


IFBB PRO Athletes Renee Garner  Summer Bernard, Nina Silic, Amy Wright, Rhiannon Harris & Cara Saunders 

WBFF PRO Athletes  Christine Ray, Bec Giuliani, & Frida Felicia

WFF PRO  Athlete  Kellie Germain



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